Horse Hoof Color

Is a white hoof a sign of a weakened foot? Read all about what determines your horse’s hoof color.

Hay Stretcher or Hay Replacer

When it’s been a bad hay year and prices are soaring or, it’s just not available you may turn to a hay replacer or stretcher. What’s the difference in the two?

Storing Hay for Horses

When you’ve invested in a load of hay you want to prevent it from “going bad”. Exposed to the elements can cause mold in your hay and the sun can bleach it out, reducing some of its nutritional value. This article gives advice on the best ways to store your hay.

The Donkey Lowdown

Donkeys are becoming popular. The mini donkeys as pets and the big mammoth donkeys for trail riding. Just what is a donkey and how is it different from a horse?

Bugs are Bugging My Horse

With spring and summer come horse flies, mosquitos and gnats. They are not only annoying but can cause health issues in your horses.

Colic Can Kill Your Horse

Colic is a condition which can kill your horse. It has many causes and knowing those causes can go a long way to preventing your horse from having colic.

Images of wild horses on NC Outer Banks

by Donna Campbell Smith

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