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Pale as the Moon

The story of a Paspatank girl and her bond with a wild horse. Set on coastal North Carolina in the 1500s, the tale ties into the lost Colony story. This book was recommended by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and selected by Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader Program.

Bear Song

 Bear Song, the sequel to Pale as the Moon, will catch up readers with the colonists, who history tells us mysteriously disappeared from Fort Raleigh. We find they are living with a community of native people deep in the wilderness. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, never knew any other life and fits happily into the village routine, but not without a few escapades that distress her mother, Eleanor Dare. It seems everyone has settled into a harmonious life until Virginia’s friend, Blue Jay, returns from a hunting trip with gifts for the whole village. Gifts that cause tragedy among both the Indian and English people.

An Independent Spirit:
The Tale of Betsy Dowdy and Black Bess

Set in the months leading up to the American Revolution this is the story about a young girl who would rather be galloping down the beach on her wild pony than knitting caps and learning to behave like a proper young lady.  She is famous for a daring ride that very well might have affected the outcome of the American colonists’ fight for freedom.

Bankers, Mustangs and Marsh Tackies

A collection of historical fiction stories for young readers along with history notes about the coastal Carolina’s wild horses. Descended from Spanish Mustangs that were brought to the New World in the 1500s, small groups of these horses still roam the dunes and beaches today. They are an important part our American heritage and culture. Sadly, we are in danger of losing them as our beach areas become more developed and populated. People who appreciate their importance are working hard to preserve the Colonial Spanish Mustangs. It is a hard struggle.