Donna Campbell Smith is the author of four non-fiction books about horses: The Book of Donkeys, The Book of Miniature Horses, The Book of Draft Horses, and The Book of Mules. All four are published by The Lyons Press. In addition she is a freelance journalist and photographer whose work has been appeared in many print and online publications.
         Donna is also the author of five children’s books and frequently visits schools to conduct writing workshops and talk to students about the subject matter of her books. Her books Pale as the Moon, An Independent Spirit and Bear Song have not only been popular entertaining reading for young people, but her books are used in many schools as supplemental reading for students learning about our colonial history. Her book Puddin' Tain is for the younger reader. Donna illustrated Puddin' Tain with her own original water color sketches. Her most recent book for children is a collection of short stories inspired by the wild horses of the Carolinas: Bankers, Mustangs and Marsh Tackies.

       She recently released her first murder mystery for grown-up readers, In the Garden with the Pruning Shears.
          Donna enjoys writing, photography, and art. She lives in a house on a 200-acre farm in central North Carolina where she enjoys observing nature and wildlife. Donna worked in the horse industry for over 30 years and volunteered in the NC 4-H Horse program for many years. Donna Campbell Smith was named 2011 Artist of the Year by Franklin County Arts Council.

Donna Campbell Smith